Meet the team

The business team is responsible for the planning, execution, and monitoring of all government procurement projects. The team is composed of experts in program project management, system architecture, information security, data migration, and risk management.

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Our team is made up of experienced project management professionals with a deep understanding of the latest project management best practices with specializations that offer a holistic approach to delivering business value and driving technology milestones. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service.

Kendall Aaron, MBA PMP

Owner/Founder of PMOnDmeand

Kendall is a collaborative leader who is passionate about creating and growing organizations. He does this by developing a robust culture that attracts, supports, and nurtures top talent. Kendall's career has focused on providing project and program management services for IT solutions with a focus on predictive and descriptive analytics (AI, Machine Learning), as well as developing project management and project controls.

Christopher Brown

System Architect

Christopher Brown is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in enterprise system architecture, cybersecurity, and project management. He has 14 years hands-on experience in creating robust, secure, and scalable solutions using cutting-edge technology. His understanding of cloud capabilities, security, and enterprise resource planning systems has successfully driven system transformation and modernization projects.

Denise Bromley


Denise has successfully delivered projects across public and private sectors. She has a proven track record of streamlining communication, promoting team relationship development, and fostering proper information dissemination. This has led to effective risk management and well-informed decision-making at every critical juncture.